Beyond the Hills (2012)

NOT RATED 150 min DramaRomance

IMDB: 7.6/10 8,208 votes

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6 wins & 14 nominations.

Romania, France, Belgium

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Beyond The Hills tells the story of two orphaned Romanian girls, Alina and Voichita. Voichita is an Orthodox Church nun while Alina has been resident in Germany where she has been earning a living. Alina has however left Germany and gone back home with the intentions of meeting her friend Voichita. As orphans they had shared a room at the orphanage.

But as the story unfolds it becomes clear that their friendship at the children’s home had not been merely platonic but physical. And despite Voichita having become a nun and taken vows of celibacy, Alina wants the physical relationship they once enjoyed reignited. Voichita however will have none of it.

But as fate would have it Alina becomes ill requiring hospitalisation. With no one else to take care of her, Voichita pleads with the priest to let Alina reside at the convent. Valeriu, the priest, agrees on condition of Voichita agreeing to accept responsibility in case of anything going wrong. The priest urges Alina to renew her faith and trust in God and seek redemption by confessing her transgressions.

With Alina staying at the convent the girls get the opportunity to interact deeply and renew the bond they once had. It does not take long before Alina tries to talk Voichita into leaving sisterhood and fleeing to Germany with her. Voichita on the other hand is pushing Alina into giving her life to God for this is the only way she will find true peace and fulfilment. Who will prevail over the other?

Beyond the Hills (2012)
Beyond the Hills (2012)
Beyond the Hills (2012)
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